Relaxation time for mothers

After becoming a mother, you need some relaxation time
Many sisters who became mothers said that they enjoyed the happy moments with their babies, but they also needed their own relaxing moments.

You can give yourself an immersive reading time while dad is taking care of the baby.
You can give yourself a stress-relieving bath and spa while your baby is sleeping peacefully.

A baby who sleeps well must be an angel
Doesn’t cry much, doesn’t get woken up easily, clings to mom
It will be much easier for mothers to take care of their babies

It is necessary to recommend the good sleeping products suitable for babies.
The material needs to be soft, safe, eye-catching and cute
No need to worry about radiation, light and portable, mom can rest assured
BabyN smart diaper monitor meets all the above basic needs!

More importantly, BabyN is very suitable for babies to wear when sleeping.
Because it can monitor the baby’s bowel movements 24 hours a day
Every time baby poop, the app will give you a voice report to your mother.

Real-time reminder for mother to change diapers
Effectively avoid diaper rash in your baby!
Let your baby sleep more soundly and safely
Mom can also take the opportunity to relax
Go back to yourself, repair your body and mind, and please yourself.

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