How to avoid diaper rash

The baby's skin is delicate, and if you cover it accidentally, it will turn into a "red butt". In severe cases, it will burst and erode, making the baby uncomfortable. Today, I will teach you how to take care of it and avoid the problem of diaper rash.

Step 1: Change diapers frequently

Newborns and small-month-old babies also need to be replaced in time if they do not defecate. If there is a bowel movement, it also needs to be cleaned immediately. Especially newborns need more attention. They defecate and urinate frequently during confinement, so they must be changed frequently. Using BabyN Diaper smart companion, we can detect whether the baby has pee or poop in time, helping us change diapers as soon as possible.

Step 2: Clean your butt properly

There is no need to wash after urination. After defecation, you need to rinse with running warm water, then gently wipe the baby's buttocks with a soft cotton towel, and then use a soft paper towel to dry the water. Be careful not to wipe back and forth to avoid skin irritation. damaged.

Step 3: Keep Dry

Every time you clean your butt, use a baby's paper towel to dry it, and then use a hair dryer to gently dry your butt. You can also lie down to dry naturally.

Step 4: Apply diaper balm

The focus of diaper rash prevention is to make sure your butt is dry when applying diaper cream, because the principle of diaper cream is to isolate feces and urine. If the butt is wet, the moisture will be trapped in the butt.

Step 5: Put on diapers

Choose lightweight, breathable and soft diapers for your baby to wear to reduce friction and red bottom. No matter how good your diapers are, remember to change them in time. BabyN will always help you take care of your baby's butt health.

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