BabyN Smart Diaper Monitor

Let every guardian be able to raise children scientifically and bring better care and health to their babies.

24 hours real-time monitoring

24-hour intelligent monitoring, real-time voice reminder to change diapers, continuous recording of baby's defecation time and regularity, completes multiple tasks at once: monitoring, viewing, reminder to change, etc., scientifically prevents diseases such as red buttocks, diaper rash, etc.

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See your baby’s updates anytime, anywhere

BabyN APP can be bound by multiple people at the same time. You can try to obtain baby data even when you are not at home. Working parents can also keep an eye on their children's dynamics at any time, freeing their hands and reducing the anxiety of taking care of their babies.

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It can be reused, economical and environmentally friendly, waterproof, non-radiative, very safe for babies, very soft and does not affect the baby's activities, and can also see the butt data in real time, saving worry and effort.

Allison Y, Nanit parent

Let every guardian can easily and scientifically realizehealth monitoring and management.