About us

BabyN is a subsidiary of a listed team in the United States, focusing on the development and production of smart products for mothers and babies.
The founder, Mr. Charles Da, originally designed this product because when he was taking care of a newborn baby, he couldn't know the baby's defecation status in time and quickly so that he could change the diaper in time. Bacteria in poo and pee can cause a host of health problems, including redness and swelling on your baby's bottom and genitals. At the same time, many newborn families have encountered the same problem.
To solve this problem, the company invested a lot of money and technical personnel to design a more scientific and intelligent diaper, and this smart diaper was born.
At present, the product has successfully gained wide attention on various crowdfunding websites. At the same time, 20,000 newborn families have used our products and received unanimous praise.
BabyN is committed to scientific and intelligent baby care, so that every baby can grow up healthily, and is constantly innovating on the road of intelligence!