Causes of diaper rash

  1. Urinary and defecation irritation

Baby's skin is delicate. Bacteria and urea contained in poop and urine can cause red buttocks and irritate the skin. Using the BabyN diaper smart companion can remind you to change them in time to avoid red buttocks.

  1. Caused by allergies

Some babies have sensitive skin and have higher requirements for the material of diapers, or they use some wet wipes containing irritating ingredients to wash and protect their skin, which can make their skin sensitive and allergic.

  1. to be rubbed

Every time you wipe your buttocks, the paper towel is too rough, the wiping force is too strong, and the times are too many, or the material of the diaper is not soft and rubs the skin.

  1. Excessive cleaning:

Some people wash their baby's bottom every time they change their baby's diaper. They wash their baby's bottom too frequently, which causes the protective cortex on the skin to be washed away, and the bottom becomes very sensitive.

  1. Hot and humid

After washing your buttocks, put on diapers without getting any moisture on them, causing moisture to get stuck inside. Or the diapers dont fit properly, causing back infiltration, stuffiness, and airtightness. The baby's bottom is prone to redness in this situation

  1. Infection:

Fungal or bacterial infection, large area of prominent erythema with clear borders

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